Royal Blood’s Debut Album Review


August 25th marked the release of the highly anticipated debut album from Brighton duo, Royal Blood. The band has been on the rise over the last year. Mike Kerr (Bass, Vocals) and Ben Thatcher (Drums) only formed in 2012, so it is a testament to them both and how talented they. As for a lot of bands it takes many more years to get the attention that these two have gained in two years.

They were on the BBC’s shortlist for the sound of 2014 and they most certainly have justified that with this release. The album on a whole is full of riffs that will get stuck in your head and make you groove. The album is a blend of straight up in your face rock, mixed with some bluesy parts as well. What stands out is how full of a sound that the two men create with just a bass guitar and drum kit. The distorted bass fused with an octave pedal gives the low, chunky sounds that you usually get from a base. But with Mike’s utilizing the octave pedal he creates riffs that could be mistaken to be played on an electric guitar wielded by any of the stoner/dessert rock scenes best. The drums pound through and are just as memorable as the bass lines, finding myself on multiple occasions air drumming along like I myself where playing in front of a crowd of 80,000.

The album kicks of with Out of the Black one of the four singles of the album, the opening hits you like a tone of bricks. A punchy line that forces you to pay attention and the song and album for that matter carries on in that fashion. With the next two tracks being just as hooky, track three being one of my personal favourites off the album, Figure It Out, a short song but it just got stuck in my head. Also the accompanying video for the song is also top notch. With the fourth song Mike and Ben show a more bluesy side to there music.