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Song of the Day #31: Youth Orchestra of San Antonio Feat. Nina Diaz- Karma Police (Radiohead Cover)

Firstly this song made me misty eyed (yeah us Northerns are not as cold hearted as we make people believe).

This is a special take on the Radiohead classic because it features a musician that I am very fond of and she is stupendously talented and that person is Nina Diaz. Another plus is the song as you may have guested has be transcribed for a full orchestra and who does not like a different version of a top notch tune.

Especially as this is such a strong song to begin with it seems to be made for this type of reworking. The playing from the orchestra is great and Nina’s powerful and emotive vocals are striking, making the hairs on the back of your neck or giving you that tingling when you hear something indescribably brilliant (which does not do it justice).

Furthermore it was for charity and you should go and purchase it from their site:    

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #30: The Killers- Smile Like You Mean It

Yes I am being controversial here, not going with Mr Brightside or Somebody Told Me which could easily be a song of the day and may be in the future but not today.

It is all about that keyboard line, do,do, do, doo ahh the nostalgia to my younger days. This song makes me happy and reminds me off when I used to like The Killers. I have to say that after the first album I lost interest, whether that is fair or not I am not sure. There is also the bridge that slows down and Flowers reminisces about the house he grew up in (well we are lead to believe this, there is always the possibility of it being fiction but oh well). It is my favourite part.

On with the song it is the best that Brandon Flowers and the rest off the group have sounded. Musically and technically for me the band peaked with their debut. But it is a good un, with Smile Like You Mean It being a particular stand out.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #29: We Are Scientists- Rules Don’t Stop

                                    We Are Scientists- Rules Don’t Stop

This is the first song off the duo’s third release Barbara (2010)and that is important because many music lovers  take a lot from the opening track of a long play.

Rules Don’t Stop is a admittedly fits the mould that the band have created for themselves over their  17 year career. A fun energetic rock song with poppy elements that gets you moving. The bass line is a large reason why I love this song Chris Cain’s playing is on point as usual he is such an underrated bassist.

On top off the bass there is Keith Murray’s catchy vocals that are    the other drawing point for me. Oddly enough it is the verse vocals that stand out. The melody gets stuck in your head and everytime you will relisten to it you’ll be singing along. A good sign of a great number.

So don’t let rules stop you from playing this We Are Scientist record on repeat.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #28: The Beautiful South- You Keep It All In

You Keep it All In (a possible contender for the song that represents Northerners most accurately) is tremendous. The opening is one of my favourites the sad thing is that the flute line is only at the beginning. At least it is there for all to enjoy.

Shown here also is how great Briana Corrigan’s voice works with Paul Heaton’s. With the twos amazing chemistry is the point in which this song is centred around. Plus the clever and relatable lyrics and the subject matter of a couple who never express anything and keep it all in. Yes it may use extreme examples ‘Just like that murder in 73’ and ‘Just like that robbery in 62’ it explains why these characters are so wound up.

The Beautiful South really are an underrated band and You Keep It All In is a brilliant showcase of the bands talents and quality of music.    

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #27: Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence


                       Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence (Official)

Depeche Mode’s classic from was released  in 1990 (16th of January to be specific) and what a song it was. With the slow into it builds and then begins properly. David Gahan’s vocal comes in with the iconic line ‘Words of Violence, Break the Silence‘. Setting the song up for the dreary nature of the song.

The song is still rather 80s but that is to be expected as it was recorded on the turn of the decade. This can not be seen as a bad thing who does not love the 80s? I have never met anybody that has not.

That plays to its strengths   The cool guitar is added too by the synth note adds depth and odd distance. The gloomy tone of Enjoy the Silence is the draw of the number, it is what sticks with you. Making the song a special one that is a classic of Depeche Mode’s, of the 1990’s and time. All I ever wanted was hear in this song… (I wont apologies for that).


Song of the Day

Song of the Day #26: Mastodon-Crack the Skye

                                                  Mastodon- Crack the Skye

The Atlanta, Georgia natives created a modern metal classic with this amazing 5:54 length song. Bill Kelliher (one half of the guitar maestros) described it as a,’Nice, big, thick heavy song’, (here: which it is for the most part.

But it is not without the ‘pretty’ parts. The introduction is up there as one of the best for me. It is a super cool and interesting clean . Killiher also plays a nine-string guitar on the song as well adding an extra depth. On it goes then it gets heavy. The nice and chunky part then starts. The chunky riff is monumental and when you thought that this track could not get any more epic it does. 

For vocals, Scott Kelly from the band Neurosis leads on the track. Mixed with the guys from Mastodon (some oddly spacey sounding to add even more layers) it becomes a stand out song off a truly great album. That is coming from someone who is not even that big of a fan either.

It is undeniable that this album is spectacular. Go Listen to both the song and the album Crack the Skye.           

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #25: Hiroyuki Sawano-Eye-Water (Tears)

                                Hiroyuki Sawano- Eye-Waters (Tears)

This one is a bit left field but that is one reason for this blog to get you, the reader to go listen to something you would not normally. Hiroyuki Sawano’s Eye-Water (Tears) is a piece that was composed for the Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). 

It is beautifully sad. Yes SAD!!! Due to the piano expertly played by  Hiroyuki Sawano (who also plays keyboards) the piano is haunting and is at the centre. But what makes this a fantastic piece of composition by Hiroyuki Sawano is the sounds surrounding the piano lines. There is twinkling sound and what can be described as glass shattering, Sawano does this to masterful affect. You can really appreciate just how clever he has been, making something that a lot of people would not think of as musical very much so.

Eye-Water (Tears) is a piece that you loose yourself in. I applaud you Hiroyuki Sawano.