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Song of the Day#60: All Them Witches- Blood and Sand/Milk and Endless Waters

                                                All Them Witches- Blood and Sand/Milk and Endless Waters

The reasoning for picking this wondrous band today is that I saw them live only a few hours ago. Even being sick didn’t stop me. They where even better than I could imagine. Anyway that is for another time.

Though all their songs are sublime and I will and have recommended them to many friends. But this is the one I felt like writing up on.

The closing song for the latest album Dying Surfer Meets His Maker this long piece is a marvel. At 7:21 it still isn’t long enough I would love it if it went on for hours. well eternity it and they are just that good.

A picked guitar opens up and drums are hit a few times then the distorted tones are swapped for cleaner ones for a number of bars. The steadier drum beats add and the speaking begins. Something that the band have done differently on this album. It creates a different, psychedelic vibe (the echoey and delayed affects also help). As a band they are psychedelic outfit but infuse bluesy goodness to expand the sound.

Blood and Sand/Milk and Endless Waters is only a snippet of the bands brilliance and my song for this oh so fantastic day.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #59: The Hoosiers- Worst Case Scenario

                                          The Hoosiers- Worst Case Scenario (Official Video)

With a upbeat brand of indie-pop-rock the trio released this song as their third single but it did not do anywhere near as well as he previous two; Worried about Ray  and Goodbye Mr A, which charted at number 5 and 4 respectably.

This is hard to fathom as Worst Case Scenario is just as good as those songs. They all follow the same structure and have the hugely under appreciated mix of boppy beats, fun melodies and catchy lyrics. But I would argue that this track is catchier for a more of the song. All of it is, it is in the way that Irwin Sparkes phrases his lines and  the vocal melody.

You know that the Worst Case Scenario in this instance would be if you skipped out on listening to this song and either finding it as good as I do or if you have heard it before remembering how good it is.  

Check 'Em Out

Check ‘Em Out: Nova Heart

                                                       Nova Heart’s SoundCloud

Being Bailrigg FM’s Head of Music, I am usually inundated with emails from both promoters and record labels; Nova Heart is undoubtedly the best band that I have ever found whilst wading through these digital multitudes. The email that brought them to my attention opened very simply: a short description of the group’s lead singer Helen Feng as the “Queen of Beijing Rock” and “the Blondie of China”.

Really now, how could my interest not be piqued?

The band’s music is fantastic. It is a blend of electronica, awesomely smooth basslines and Feng’s superlative vocals. In their track ‘Lackluster No.’, the introduction features a simple electronic drum beat accompanied by both bass and a Chinese spoken-word vocal performance; these pave the way to the entry of Feng’s lead vocals.

In only four songs, Nova Heart had cemented their place on my list of bands to look out for.

On the release of their debut album I was fortunate enough to receive a copy from their promoter, and this LP is collectively fresh and stimulating to me. The longest track is ‘The Queen Is Dead’, driven by a standard drum and bass arrangement before the enchanting words of Feng’s vocals enter: the singer’s songwriting is the highlight here, lyrics such as “from the back of the room I see you cutting your scars” particularly grabbing my attention. The imagery created in these songs really do rivetingly engage the listener, elevating the band above their contemporaries; the track ‘Evil’ in particular conveys their willingness to experiment, featuring a hooking, swirling riff that is matched in its intensity only by the psychedelic synth arrangements that add to the unconventional qualities in the band’s sound. The vocals are twisted, panning from ear to ear, the pitch alternating downwards to gravelly lows resulting in an intensified rendition from Feng. Ultimately, ‘Evil’ is absolutely a song that captures Nova Heart’s brilliance – the album as a whole is refreshingly original, but this track in particular exhibits their obvious talent.

When Helen Feng (vocals, keys), Bo Xuan (bass) and Shi Lu a.k.a. Atom (drums) first came together in 2012 to form Nova Heart, I have to wonder if they knew that they would create futuristic sounds that I am convinced will still hold up many years down the line…? Indeed, that may be quite a bold statement for me to make, but I do believe that they have created musical moments that will last in their innovative qualities for decades.

All that’s left for me to say is that this feat is as exceptional as their talent. So check ‘em out.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #58: Cast- Finetime


                                                               Cast- Finetime

As the title suggests this song’s title it is indeed a fine time. A band that produced the very good album named All Change which I got for 20 pence made it even better in a way.

Finetime is the type of song that you can instantly recognise the decade it is from. Take a guess?

If you guessed the 1990’s then you are correct. In fact it was 1995 to be exact and was also their first single. It reached  a very respectable number of 17  It has the classic distorted rhythm guitar with the cleaner lead. There is a indistinct vocal due to the Scouse accent coming through.

A top song from a very good Liverpudlian Britpop band that I feel get overlooked and though this song is one of their more popular hits it should spare you on to go and listen to more of Cast. 

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #57: Placebo- Pure Morning

                                         Placebo- Pure Morning (Official Video)

Pure Morning is a song that I heard as a child (due) but I wasn’t the biggest fan. But as my ear has ‘matured’ the bands sound has grown on me and I have looked past that initial  disliking of the band.

Coming to realise that Placebo are far, far more than that once thought irritating voice of Brian Molko. They are a great three piece that  are very apt and good at the music side =, it just took me way to long to figure that out.

Pure Morning  is one of those songs that I instantly connect to the really cool video (as you’ll see). But fior the track it kicks off with powerful drums (Steve Hewitt), but as per usual it is Molko’s o’so unique voice and odd lyrics in Pure Morning are as intriguing as the man himself. Then there is the alt, grungy guitars and bass create a late 90’s classic.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #56: eskimeaux-Alone at the Party

Finding eskimeaux through the ever resourceful and wonderful NPR Tiny Desk. With Bob Boilen bringing the band in, but it was just Gabrielle Smith for  two of the short three set session.

This is the seventh song off O.K. released in 2015 the album as a whole was a very nice find for me.  This song also reflects my feelings towards parties. So there is A connection between me and the track as no matter if I know people at a party (I don’t go to many, maybe one every year).

For the song it is a jangly indie rock song that follows the format of many others in the genre. With the vocals having a country twang to them making it different enough. It is simply a simple song that is a good listen. Especially as it is not a genre I delve into that often and eskimeaux have hooked me. 

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #55: Kassidy- La Revenge

                                            Kassidy- La Revenge

The former Glaswegian (2009-2014) indie-folk, rockers’ first album, Hope St.,  rather unsurprisingly brought me hope and great joy. With this being just one of the songs to do so.

The song is an acoustic rock song with strong vocals from all members as every member contributes backing vocals, with oooos and ahhhs. Lyrically the song is about loosing someone that the person does or did not want to. It is a song where the lyrics and the singing is really at the forefront. It tackles the issue that it just happens in life people drift and move on.

The music is not the focus of this song but it does enough to keep the interest of the listener and after all the  main point to this song is the lyrics and vocal phrasing, styling and so forth.