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Song of the Day #73: The Byrds- What’s Happening?

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                                               The Byrds- What’s Happening?

Sometimes you find a song just by typing a random sentence or phrase into the search bar. There is no guarantee that it will be a song hat you will like. But in this case it was.

The American folk rock band recorded this song for their third album Fifth Dimension in July of 1966, at Columbia studios between January 24 and the 25th of May. However this song did not give off such a folksy vibe, but more of a psych hit. Like  Reminiscent of the Cream wonders especially their I Feel Free.

Psychedelia is even seeps for the title. A question that could be ask ed in a million different ways. But is it not better when Jim MGuinn is singing it in your ear? I certainly think so. It is one of the most relatable songs ever, as nobody really knows what is going on. Even if they say they do.


Song of the Day

Song of the Day #72: The Donnas- Fall Behind Me

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                                 The Donnas- Fall Behind Me (Official Video)

When a song has a modern classic guitar riff to open it up then you know you are listening to a tune.

The all girl band bring the riffage and your hooked the from the off. I dare you to defy that a rock guitar like the one in Fall Behind Me does not get you. The band have been going since 1997 and this is their most popular song.

The pounding bass and  smashing drums the rhythm section backs that killer lead line. thoough the lyrics are for from complex and ‘deep man’ the song does harp back to the 1970’s. Just as the video is layered with a 70’s lens and psychedelic graphics.

Just go listen to this roaring rock band.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #71: CAKE- Never There

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                                                      Cake- Never There

A band that has a very large cult following and have appeared on the Late Show with: David Letterman. So their heights did indeed get rather high.

Never There was found in a ox of many CD’s that were about to be thrown away but as someone who keeps and still uses the format I was insistent on picking out the ones I recognised or intrigued me. CAKE did catch my eye I mean the name, and I love cake. Surely it’d be good?

A phone dial tone brings the number in and a really cool riff comes in. Great start then a vibraphone. A Vibraphone! But that isn’t all an amazing trumpet line joins in. The song just getting better and better.

I love it as much as that oh so delicious food item. Mmmmm CAKE…

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #70: The Wombats- Moving to New York

                                          The Wombats- Moving to New York

This Liverpudlian band came crashing on the British music scene back in 2007 after being together for four years. This song is fantastic and personally for me one of their best.

A reason why I like it so much is because for some odd reason I love when bands mention lyrics that reference New York being the ‘City that never sleeps’. Those lyrics being in the chorus,

‘I’m moving to New York because I problems with my sleep… I’m moving to New York because I’ve got issues with my sleep’.

I can’t explain why I just like that for some reason. They are not the only reasons why I made this song the song of the day, it has a rhythm guitar, bass that  have made this song a modern classic form the 2000’s era. The guitar starts off with a muted chucka, then goes into a memorable rhythm that everyone strums along to. The accompanying bass rips along at a frantic pace  then it gets it’s solo moment for you can really appreciate it.

Christmas always comes early when you put this brilliant track on.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #69: The Arcs- Stay In My Corner

                                 The Arcs- Stay In My Corner (Official Audio)

A bluesy, Motown fusion that really shines as a song about wanting someone to stay by their side as they would for them.

Dan Auerbach‘s other band whilst Black Keys are on hiatus the band are not too far from each other in the type of music they create but I can’t imagine the Balck Keys releasing this one.

The guitar is reverbed to just the right degree before it feels to be being played in the next town away. Switching into a nice bit of slide lead to change things up for the ending. Th rest of the band create a sonic space for Auerbach to express a different musical side that he wants to explore. And after all exploration is always a good thing.      

Song of the Day

Song of the Day #68: The Strokes- Tyring Your Luck

                               The Strokes- Trying Your Luck (Video)

Off their indie music altering debut this song is a prime example how they set the path for acts like Yeah, Yeah, Yes and The Gossip.

The guitaring of  Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valenci gave the indie guitar bands a much, much needed shot in the arm. Through their talent and better tones, mixing crunchy tones that is more reminiscent of the harder genre with the more common indie playing. Which had become a little stale.

Julian Casablancas’ more punk-esc vocal really shows the bands attitude one that is raw and unpolished but full of passion. As one of the main songwriters for the band and head lyricist really does a great job on this one. Especially towards the end where he switches on the ‘grittiness’ in his voice and really gets into it.

Trying Your Luck is certainly a Stroke of genius.


Song of the Day

Song of the Day #67: AC/DC- Cold Hearted Man

                                        AC/DC- Cold Hearted Man (Audio)

Some say the song that represented me very well, but that has been up for debate for a while.

As for those monstrous song from one pf the greatest rock bands to every grace this Earth and this is one of their many classics. Straight away you can tell that it is an AC/DC rack due to their guitar tone. To have a tone that is so recognisable is something many bands/players dream of. The rhythm and lead are of course expertly played by the Young Brothers, with Angus on lead and Malcolm on rhythm their chemistry is second to non. On this particular track the breakdown at the 2:15 mark shows it.

A draw to this song is Bon Scott’s voice is instantly recognisable and gives it that great element of the brilliant AC/DC and Cold Hearted Man is a simple song, but in I AC/DC’s hands a class number.