KT Tunstall: Golden State EP

                    KT Tunstall being Awesome as per

As she herself promised new music in the form of an extended play landed on June 16th. There are four songs which last for fifteen minutes in total. There is an exclusive EP track only called The Healer which is a distorted guitar driven attitude filled rock number. But what really stood out for me is the softer piano line that is subtlety placed over the grungy guitar. It is a president to the evolution that KT Tunstall has made over her career.

The first track Evil Eye (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LULB8jXdaoc) sets the tone for the groovy rhythms and riffs. It harps back to the sound of Tiger Suit (2010), the breakdown in the middle where it slows down mixes all the tools that KT has at her disposal. Adding this part elevates the song to something other than a boppy pop track to one that has the singer songwriter aspect that Tunstall effortlessly applies. To go along with the first taste of new music there is an equally brilliant music video which solidifies KT as the most stylish and coolest artists around.

Following next is All or Nothing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L8NFQDdIr8) having a very catchy chorus and it is a great pop song that will surely get air play on the biggest stations, the vocals on Evil Eye and All or Nothing sound brilliant and possibly the best she has ever sounded. Never afraid to add a little something especially the layers that are not at the forefront but blend in and, it is those small seemingly insignificant extras that actually round out the song.

Recording at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios (The Doors recorded their debut there) KT said that the recording room where the vocals where put down was the best of her career. Again it shows across the songs. Lastly there is a remix by Django Django which adds rave whistles and techno driven beats and really changes Evil Eye into a completely different listening experience. Django Django  have done what a remix should do and completely change it and take risks. Even if it did not work out at least it would have been a completely different take on Evil Eye.

The overall feel to the Golden State EP is more energetic and upbeat than the last outing Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon (2013) which was a very personal album for KT. The EP is perfect for summer and KT is back with this Golden release.