10 Terrifying Tunes! Happy Hollows Eve All

Kate Bush- Hammer Horror: A tribute to the studios that have created some of the most iconic horror movies ever. This song is not only my personal favourite Kate Bush song but it is possibly the most perfect scary song for the all the spirits and monsters to dance to on their night.

Brand New- At the Bottom: With the lyric that puts it into this category being:

 ‘And there’s a lake, At the bottom you’ll find all my friends, They don’t swim ‘cus they’re all dead’.

The band have a history of writing dark lyrics (see Handcuffs for another example) but this one is one particular dreary image for the listener and depending on how miserable the listener is or how imaginative they are depends on how bleak that image will be.

Death From Above 1979- Right On, Frankenstein: A riff filled track that gets the pulse beating rapidly and the lyrics are all Holloweeny  with mentions of Zombies and Frankenstein’s Monster itself.

We Are Scientists- Ghouls: Is driven by a weird pulsing keyboard and surging synths backed by high pitched guitar that is placed in giving this a more unconventional sound that adds to the reason why ut makes the Spooky Sounds list.

Florence + The Machine- Howl: The track  is about my favourite Hollows Eve beast a Werewolf, Welch sings about one such monster’s uncontrollable transformation and need to kill. A scary telling of the struggle someone with this affliction faces, pointing out that even a good person can become a monster.

MGMT- Of Moons, Birds and Monsters: An interesting observation about this song is that one of the three verses is about one ah key word of the title. The first is about the moon and describes to me someone stuck on the moon and going crazy: ‘In the cold black shadow?
Are you mad at your walls’.  

Queens of the Stone Age- Monsters In the Parasol: According to some sources this song was inspired by an acid trip that Homme had and he fantasised about his friends sister. But under the influence of the hallucinogen she started to change into a hairy thing. Creepy!

The Sleeping- The Big Breakdown: Day 1: Tells the tail of a girl possessed by the Devil who is doomed and only has ‘6 days, 6 hours, 6 minutes, Left until she’s gone‘. A sad and horrific realisation that unfolds throughout the track really paints a painful, horrific ordeal.

Maylene & The Sons of Disaster- The Day Hell Broke Loose On Sicard Hollow: Ironically this is one rather serene and beautiful instrumental. But you can’t deny that it’s name doesn’t discount it from making the list. Furthermore the band are named after Ma Barker and her families criminal gang adds an extra reason for them to be on this list.

Eagles of Death Metal- Midnight Creeper: Here are all the lyrics it is rather self explanatory:

‘Well I come in through your window,
I see your family there,
Yes I’m the midnight creeper,
When I go creepin y’all better beware,
Well Your child is gently sleeping,
Pleasant dreams are in his head,
That wife of yours is a sweet young thing,
When I leave your wife’ll be dead,
Well my steel is sharp and silent,
The devil guides my hand,
Well I just love to slit them throats,
And creep all around this land’.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: KT Tunstall- The Healer [Live at Manchseter’s Albert Hall, 27/8/2016]

                                                  The Healer Live for Napster

Last night (27/8/2016) I had the delight of seeing KT Tunstall live for a second time and it was one of the best nights of the year and up there with my favourite gig experiences ever.

I was grinning from start to end as her and the band rocked for a stonking two hour set that took from all her studio albums. But the song of the Golden State EP The Healer (was already one of my most listened to songs of this year) blew more than just my socks off. Before the start of the song the guitar tech came on holding her gorgeous White 1975 Gretsch Falcon whilst Tunstall held her acoustic. Offering two options to the crowd (I am paraphrasing):

‘Do you want a super happy song? Or a super aggressive happy song?’

Then the crowd screamed for which they would like, happily the choice I voted for won. She took hold of the Falcon and got aggressively happy.

What was to follow was one of the best performances I have ever seen and heard. It was certainly a rocking take on this already rocky number. I stood in awe in this beautiful venue being hit with a sonic wave of brilliance. I will never forget the feeling of being consumed by that monstrous wave.


Peggy Gou’s Just too Damn Goud


                                                        Rose [Technicolour]

A Korean Producer/Disk Jockey who is situated in the brilliant city of Berlin. A city that has been synonymous with some of the best records in modern times. With the world famous Hansa Studio by the Wall being a hub of creation for a lot of that great music e.g. Bowie and U2 record some of their best work including The Berlin Trilogy (Low, 1977. Heroes, 1977 and Lodger in 1979) and Achtung Baby (1991). Now there is another artist to add to the reputation of the fantastic city.

I have Noticing that the main way that DJ’s work is mainly flying around the world doing a set here and then jumping back on a plane, get to the next destination and play a set for the next load of club goers. This has never really interested me even if I do like the music that is played. However Peggy Gou is so impressive that I would put up with what would be an extremely uncomfortable situation. That speaks volumes to what I think of the music that Gou has created.

What music exactly is that? Well as a producer it is a wide array of brilliant electronic, house/acid house fusion whilst also putting her spin on other artists work and others putting their print on her’s.

A large reason why I have connected with the music that she puts out is because it takes what I and many others love about the genres and has kept it going by making it fresh and exciting. The newest release Seek For Maktoop EP  (2016) is one of the most relaxing, hypnotic extended plays of resent times. All words that you want to be associated with if you are in the House/Acid House arena. With tracks lasting for 7 plus minutes there is a lot of space being filled, filled with sonic swirls of electronic bliss that captivates the listener. All three originals move from one to the ext without missing a beat thus the spell is never lifted nor do you want it to be.

As a Producer/DJ there are hourly long mixes on her SoundCloud  e.g. Phonica Mix Series 26: Peggy Gou which is again one long construction of sound that goes on without a break. Balancing different music into a fine blend of flawless vibes which make an atmosphere where one can escape to,  is a massive thing for many music lovers so being able to have that quality is a darn good one to own for Gou

Many musicians do not create continuous tracks that are an hour long. Facing the challenges of putting together hourly long mixes and being able to make that whole hour interesting full of chilled out beats, keys and samples really is a testament to Gou’s talents.

Art of War EP and Art of War II EP (2016) were the last EP’s before Seek For Maktoop  and they to exude the brilliance that she possesses. With each release we are reminded of this and even when she does let others get hold of it to add their twist her foundations always mean that those remixes are outstanding. (Premire: Peggy Gou – When Round, They Go (Terekke Remix). She is a driving force behind modern House/Acid House who has reminded me of why I like it so much.

Peggy Gou has constructed one of the soundest homes in the House/Acid House landscape, and like me if you enter the atmosphere that Peggy Gou’s creations surround you in, then you will be spending hours and hours in that perfect piece of architecture.


21 Reasons Why Twenty One Pilots are So Good

                                                                       Polarize (Official Audio)

  1. Versatility is something they have in abundance. Just going off the Blurryface (2015)  the adventurous nature of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun flows through the entire record and is one of many reasons why they have took over the music world over the last year.
  2. For me the album is so  refreshing. It is pop in places, Tear in My Heart, but their blend of rapping alongside dance/techno parts merging to make the Twenty One Pilots music that not only I dig but evidently everyone does else too.
  3. These two men have so much energy, charisma and pizzazz that not only springs off from their fingers into your brain. Gets you jigging along and makes you happy. You can’t say that isn’t a great quality.
  4. Live they are supposed to be electric. A credible source told me so as she has seen them they bloody are again backed by their set that I saw when they played at Reading and Leeds (2016).
  5. Not only is the music of the highest quality it is relatable but not in a way that draws a sigh but is real and mature.
  6. Talking about this the music it is from the heart there is a real authenticity to it, which is lacking in most artists in the hit parade.
  7. Not only is the music tremendous it is coupled with the inventive vocals put down. Tyler not only sings but raps fluidly creating contrasts that stand out. Their are not many creatives in the music business that do this as well as Tyler Joseph.
  8. Twenty One Pilots have dealt with members leaving and it took them a while to get onto Fuelled By Ramen in 2012. But before that they released a couple of albums Twenty One Pilots (2009) and Regional at Best (2011). When they signed for the Atlantic Records subsidiary they made and put out Vessel (2013). This journey has amassed moulded the album that has taken all the charts and radio stations by storm. It earns them respect.      
  9. Due to the massive success of the last release it excites me about the earlier releases. Prompting me to go back and listen to them because there is obviously something there. As Blurryface is amazing it has a ripple affect and makes people go back through the discography and thus fans are created so adding another reason to like them. Possibility of discovering more music and more than likely good stuff.
  10. They’re super stylish, I mean just look at the chosen photo I have chosen. That is one of many options on a simple search. But it isn’t artsy or protrusions it is just the get up and they rock it.
  11. They even pull off the balaclava, without pulling it off.
  12. Ukulele is cool and Tyler lets the whole world know.
  13. Blurryface has 14 wondrous songs instead of the mandatory that put out albums with 10 or 11 songs.
  14. They give Ohio some recognition.
  15. Two musicians are not only able to create a better product than bands with twice the members or more. Showing how talented they are.
  16. Videos are simple (for the most part) but still slick the homemade feel of the big hit Stressed Out  is something that drew me in even more. Tyler is on a tricycle with red tassels on and when he arrives at Josh’s house (just a normal house in I guess Columbus). Then they do the special handshake that two best friends made up. Once completed the pair walk inside and carry on with the top tune.
  17. Dun plays the trumpet as well as the drums the multiple instrumentation of not only him but both men means that they can build a larger sound with just the two of them. Harnessing the creativity sides the two gentlemen posses.
  18. Blurryface was one of the most constant records of 2015 every song is different from the last but just as strong. There are no week links in the 14 link chain thus making it one of the strongest of the year. It is a very difficult to do an album that collectively shines bright yet each individual lantern has its own stunning glow.
  19. Re-listenabiltiy the prior point of being  open minded musicians of Tyler and Josh could have gone against them but instead helped them come cultivate a record that simply does not get stale even when you have listened to it hundreds of times.
  20. Lyrically Tyler is on his game easily being one of the best wordsmith’s around in current musical climate. Playing into the raps be them fast and frantic or sung in falsetto they can be both emotional sometimes piercing.   
  21. Have you listened to them yet?