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Song of the Day: Maroon 5- Harder to Breathe

                                              Maroon 5- Harder to Breathe (Official Video)

So this is a song that reminded me to never ever assume that you may not like any of a band’s discography because you are not into their latest stuff.

It is a song which shows that they are talented and didn’t just create pop for the masses to consume. Harder to Breathe is has a rocking guitar, a catchy chorus and solid rhythm parts backing up the tune. But I love the breathing of used to add something else to the track. All coming together to make a bloody great track that I have had on loop well into the twenties.

Often thought to follow the theme of the album about a tough break up but it is actually about the pressure the band felt from the label to create music when finishing the record.

The bands debut, Songs About Jane, had great critical reception and still holds up to this day apparently. Songs like this make it easy to see why. And yes I am now going to go listen to it. 


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