Song of the Day

Song of the Day: Gramatik-Straight Off the Block

                                                      Gramatik- Straight Off the Block

It is one of those songs that you never want to end. Through it I also found that it samples the song by Curtis Mayfield called Little Child Runnin Wild  for the film Super Fly. That is also a top track and another artist I am certainly going to delve into. 

Obviously drawing from such a strong song to begin with helps. But Gramatik changes it up by taking  parts away and stripping it back, taking the saxophone line and part of the vocals letting them lead. The simple funk guitar adds to the chilled out vibes crafted by this wondrous remix.

You will get why I love it so much after you crank it up.


Hometown Heroine: Charlotte OC

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 4

                                                                      Charlotte OC- Medicine Man

Blackburn is famous for a few things: it’s role in the cotton industry in the industrial revolution, Blackburn Rovers, Carl Fogarty and being mentioned in The Beatles’ A Day In the Life.

It is about time that someone else put the town back into focus and the person doing that is Charlotte OC with her spectacular soulful voice. Making it onto many ‘ones to watch/breakout contender lists for this year, hype that is well deserved and easy to hear.

With a number of EP’s under her belt, Colour My Heart (2013), Strange (2014) and Burning (2015) she has built a solid collection of songs that have lead to her to be on BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Introducing’s radar. Being invited to do a Maida Vale set in 2015 which she absolutely killed. Eventually finding herself in a very strong position to record and release an album that is slated for the 31st of March titled Careless People.   

As the Maida Vale set shows the power of her live performances are breath taking, the Americans got to experience it on Late Night with Seth Myers earlier this week. More live performances can be found on her Facebook page, all over YouTube including her Mahogany session.     

Charlotte OC has talent in spades which is going to take her far and if you have not heard of her yet you sure will be after the album comes out.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: Simple Minds- Promised You a Miracle/Acoustic Version Ft. KT Tunstall


                                             Simple Minds- Promised You a Miracle

As today is heralded as a day for ‘luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve’ here are is a song that I do indeed love. But not just the original version but a second acoustic version featuring an all time favourite of mine KT Tunstall.

What isn’t there to love the awesome bass that is ever present, the beyond catchy opening and repeated refrain in the choruses. A chorus which I know you and I just can not stop from ‘singing’ at the top of our lungs. Oh there is the bridge as well the leading bass into the sharp guitar.

The acoustic version came out late last year (11th November) with KT Tunstall added for extra brilliance. This version is just as good whilst staying away from it being a beat fro beat copy with acoustic guitars. Instead they deploy the harmonics of the acoustic ring out, Tunstall’s masterful additions of extra rhythm and vocals again add that freshness. It is not often that alternate versions are this good.

Simple Minds promised the impossible but delivered with this true giant from 1982 with both versions.


Late Listens: Maroon 5- Songs About Jane (2002)


Having heard all about  how amazing the first ever Maroon 5 album is supposed to be I have eventually got around to giving it a listen as it reaches it’s 15 year anniversary this year (on the 25th June).

May as well start with the songs that I am familiar with This Love and She Will Be Loved one is more rocky the other goes down a more balled like path. Rehearing these songs after many  years, I remember liking them a lot. Especially This Love with the mix of a clean funk style guitar over the distorted deeper licks of the other guitar. She Will Be Loved brought a smile to my face, I have no idea way it was just my natural reaction. No more needs to be written about it.

Shiver simply rocks all the way to 10 and beyond. What drew my ear was the Middle Eastern style of the lead guitar line. It is rather unexpected but most welcome. Giving another thing to like about the album that list got rather lengthy by the end. On show again is Mr Levine’s impressive vocal talents. Giving us the signature falsetto along with opening it up a little as the song gets towards it’s end. Feelings on the top Harder to Breathe here.

I do not know what it is but track 10, Not Coming Home, they often seem to be one of my favourite on records. Can’t explain why it just plays out that way. So the aforementioned tenth song goes back to the funky sounds, with some dramatic piano for extra sonic goodness and catchy choruses that made them accessible and popular (also is it the miles better song that mentions phones). With the formula being one that banked them mainstream success serving them well from there on out. It wasn’t a rip off of any other band around at the time either. If anything other bands have tried and failed to copy Maroon 5’s sound.     

The saddest thing about this record is that without it they would not have earnt the reputation or built the platform to become what they are now. Songs About Jane is just as good as everyone says it is. It was a lot to live up to and it did.