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WHITE- One Night Stand Forever (Album)


                                                                                       WHITE One Night Stand Forever

Reinvigorating music again.

WHITE’s (Lewis Andrew, Leo Condie, Hamish Fingland, Kirstin Lynn and Chris Potter) first album is a much welcomed revival of arty, slightly twisted merging of electro with groovy dirty rock and a bit of the dramatic.

Fittingly the opener is Living Fiction (the bands first ever single) is a great opener and introduction to the band as it is upbeat and hip with many elements one will certainly grab hold of you and make you move.

This Is Not A Love Song? is not a song to get you jigging but it still fits in with all the other tracks, having a darker tone thanks to the ‘Duh-du-duuuu’s (it’s better on the record), a slower tempo pushed forward by an acoustic guitar whilst a noticeable electronic (of some kind) plays in the left speaker/head/earphone that really is a nice addition to the track. Directly following this is the super energetic Be The Unknown which has poppy ‘oooo’s to bop to plus a heavily distorted guitar solo to boot reinforcing the bands talents plus their willingness to merge genres to great effect.

The string of songs from One Night Stand Forever to Sweat (a thumping monstrous full on electro track that I didn’t see coming) and How Can You Get Love So Wrong? (a modern 1980s-esc ballad) together can tell a story of a quick one night fling gone in a direction that is a bit more than a one night stand. But that would be oversimplifying the meanings behind them. Especially How Can You Get Love So Wrong? as it was written back in 2014,

‘I wrote this in 2014 when Scotland was under a constant barrage of ‘lovebombs’ from the British government, in that peculiarly sado-masochistic manner so beloved, apparently, of the Conservatives. Tough love, I guess. I was fascinated by their ineptness so this is, in part, for them. With all my love.’

Leo Conti explained in a track by track interview with The List’s Kirstyn Smith.

Sound wise these three tracks could be the perfect ones to show the diversity that rings trough this record. It is more diverse than most other bands have in three or four outings. Though I do feel a little wrong in singling out these songs as they are all outstanding, everyone is distinct, stylish, hitting you right in the dance initiation drive that may have been dormant for a while or last night. Quick bit about Hit,Hit, Hit is so good I appreciate the aggression in this one.

One Night Stan Forever is the most creative album to come around in a long, long time. If you don’t at least check it out then believe me that is a hell of a mistake. Don’t let this pass you by a band like this don’t come around to often.


Led Zeppelin – No Quarter


                                                                                No Quarter

This is what awaits you at the top of the Stairway to Heaven.

A long expedition into the legendary band’s psych side that just sweeps you away to some other dimension (high or not). It is from another alternate space where everything is slower, more relaxed but not without a sense of epicness.

The track is ram packed with great instrumentation and sounds, mixing fuzzy with great blues guitar, very fluid drums and of course bass playing that is tooooooooooop from JPJ. Vocals range from the surreal to almighty wails. Lyrically it follows the themes the band used throughout their time, they go hand in hand here with the music (when did they not fit with the music in a Zeppelin track?). A perfect package.

Sorry to Ramble On but I just have a Whole Lotta Love for No Quarter.


WHITE- Anonymous Acts

                                                          Live Version of Anonymous Acts (Best Available)

What’s that WHITE have another song for us? Yes and it is my favourite from their live set.

I was a little disappointed when the album track listing was released and this song was missing. But I was soon rejoicing when it was a free addition when you bought the One Night Stand single. I did even though I already pre-ordered the album but I needed Anonymous Acts.

It is a deep  pocket of sonic treats the low bass and a nice lil’ lick, really pronounced drums/jam block that is prominent, great lyrics:

‘Throwing a punch by proxy, Blown a kiss from down on your knees, Eager to please. What if it doesn’t stop us, What if we just dream for a while then leave?’

The chorus is as ever on the super infectious side with it being centred around the tracks name. After the second time around there is again a stupendous delicious bridge with expansive fuzzy guitars and great falsetto up the listened to count (lets just say I got in at 17:30 and am still listening to it now).


WHITE- One Night Stand Forever

                                                  Official Video

WHITE are right infatuation does indeed make you shameless and I have no shame in saying again, WHITE are one of, if not the most exciting band around. With the son to be released debut LP on 21st of April they let us hear the title track One Night Stand Forever.

It has many, many hooks from the dirty distorted guitar line, catchy lovable chorus, to the building bridge with a class bass line, to funky guitar scratching overlaid by vocals reminiscent of the best 1980s hits. With all that working in tandem so well there is still that dance factor which is infused to the music they create. Not only on this latest song but it has been there since the begging.

Back to that bridge though as it is so, so enjoyable by having this part in the song it not only reminds us of the greatness of the 80s pop numbers we adore, it makes the song even better. If that part was not a part of One Night Stand Forever it would still be an amazing song. This is an electric hit.

If this is what a One Night Stand is like with WHITE then yes it should last forever.