WHITE- One Night Stand Forever

                                                  Official Video

WHITE are right infatuation does indeed make you shameless and I have no shame in saying again, WHITE are one of, if not the most exciting band around. With the son to be released debut LP on 21st of April they let us hear the title track One Night Stand Forever.

It has many, many hooks from the dirty distorted guitar line, catchy lovable chorus, to the building bridge with a class bass line, to funky guitar scratching overlaid by vocals reminiscent of the best 1980s hits. With all that working in tandem so well there is still that dance factor which is infused to the music they create. Not only on this latest song but it has been there since the begging.

Back to that bridge though as it is so, so enjoyable by having this part in the song it not only reminds us of the greatness of the 80s pop numbers we adore, it makes the song even better. If that part was not a part of One Night Stand Forever it would still be an amazing song. This is an electric hit.

If this is what a One Night Stand is like with WHITE then yes it should last forever.   


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