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Song of the Day: Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser – All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun

                                                    All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun

Two angelic voices and an acoustic guitar or two are a gateway to a beautiful place. This time it is Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) who are a perfect musical match.

There isn’t much instrumentally to the song as stated above it is a couple of guitars but what they are doing is still quality. The main draw though is the singing and extension the lyrical content. It begins with a sweet giggle over the guitar and Fraser taking the first verse showing her talents before Buckley takes over for the chorus. Solo they are both gorgeous but when they sync up and harmonize then it really, really highlights that these musicians were meant to create this stunning song.

It is a brilliant duet which lets both artists stretch their musical muscles showing each others strengths. I only wish there was more from the two.


Song of the Day

Song of the Day : Paramore – Told You So

                                                                                      Told You So (Official Video)

A refreshing new Summery sound for the band but one that everyone is familiar with it has brightened up the airwaves since its release yesterday.

It is vibrant with the funky licks, classic catchy vocals that are  are warped by drastically lowering the pitch every now and again adding a nice little dynamic. The drumming is very elaborate  which I would like to highlight as they really are key to the feel of the track.

Told You So is an upgrade from many of the hits that have been released over the past months, mainly because it has personality and is super fun! It’s easily my favourite pop song of this year so far.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: Gramatik-Straight Off the Block

                                                      Gramatik- Straight Off the Block

It is one of those songs that you never want to end. Through it I also found that it samples the song by Curtis Mayfield called Little Child Runnin Wild  for the film Super Fly. That is also a top track and another artist I am certainly going to delve into. 

Obviously drawing from such a strong song to begin with helps. But Gramatik changes it up by taking  parts away and stripping it back, taking the saxophone line and part of the vocals letting them lead. The simple funk guitar adds to the chilled out vibes crafted by this wondrous remix.

You will get why I love it so much after you crank it up.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: Simple Minds- Promised You a Miracle/Acoustic Version Ft. KT Tunstall


                                             Simple Minds- Promised You a Miracle

As today is heralded as a day for ‘luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve’ here are is a song that I do indeed love. But not just the original version but a second acoustic version featuring an all time favourite of mine KT Tunstall.

What isn’t there to love the awesome bass that is ever present, the beyond catchy opening and repeated refrain in the choruses. A chorus which I know you and I just can not stop from ‘singing’ at the top of our lungs. Oh there is the bridge as well the leading bass into the sharp guitar.

The acoustic version came out late last year (11th November) with KT Tunstall added for extra brilliance. This version is just as good whilst staying away from it being a beat fro beat copy with acoustic guitars. Instead they deploy the harmonics of the acoustic ring out, Tunstall’s masterful additions of extra rhythm and vocals again add that freshness. It is not often that alternate versions are this good.

Simple Minds promised the impossible but delivered with this true giant from 1982 with both versions.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: Maroon 5- Harder to Breathe

                                              Maroon 5- Harder to Breathe (Official Video)

So this is a song that reminded me to never ever assume that you may not like any of a band’s discography because you are not into their latest stuff.

It is a song which shows that they are talented and didn’t just create pop for the masses to consume. Harder to Breathe is has a rocking guitar, a catchy chorus and solid rhythm parts backing up the tune. But I love the breathing of used to add something else to the track. All coming together to make a bloody great track that I have had on loop well into the twenties.

Often thought to follow the theme of the album about a tough break up but it is actually about the pressure the band felt from the label to create music when finishing the record.

The bands debut, Songs About Jane, had great critical reception and still holds up to this day apparently. Songs like this make it easy to see why. And yes I am now going to go listen to it. 

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: KT Tunstall- The Healer [Live at Manchseter’s Albert Hall, 27/8/2016]

                                                  The Healer Live for Napster

Last night (27/8/2016) I had the delight of seeing KT Tunstall live for a second time and it was one of the best nights of the year and up there with my favourite gig experiences ever.

I was grinning from start to end as her and the band rocked for a stonking two hour set that took from all her studio albums. But the song of the Golden State EP The Healer (was already one of my most listened to songs of this year) blew more than just my socks off. Before the start of the song the guitar tech came on holding her gorgeous White 1975 Gretsch Falcon whilst Tunstall held her acoustic. Offering two options to the crowd (I am paraphrasing):

‘Do you want a super happy song? Or a super aggressive happy song?’

Then the crowd screamed for which they would like, happily the choice I voted for won. She took hold of the Falcon and got aggressively happy.

What was to follow was one of the best performances I have ever seen and heard. It was certainly a rocking take on this already rocky number. I stood in awe in this beautiful venue being hit with a sonic wave of brilliance. I will never forget the feeling of being consumed by that monstrous wave.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: Victoria Sponge- Talk About Nothing (Radio Edit)

Glasgow has been a city that has produced some of my favourite bands and sounds. With the rich history of inspirational music it was only a matter of time before another exciting group  spawned, ladies and gents I give you Victoria Sponge and their latest single.

With the song taking the best bits from the mid 2000s but with their own tinge of vocal play and excitement. As Christopher Irvine (vocals) varies his phrasing and expresses his range well to keep you hooked. Adam Castle on he four string guides the song with the punching line, Ross Mackay adds colour and grit with his guitar playing and Jamie Brown’s drumming crashes along keeping the tempo and upping the anti when the track gets into top gear.

Victoria Sponge are as good as their name with this energetic, high octane single the four men are still showing that the Glasgow scene is still producing  quality music.

Find more of their music/info- Victoria Sponge’s Facebook and Bandcamp.