Vinyl Vindication: KT Tunstall- If Only/The Prayer (Block Party) and Saving My Face/Ain’t Nobody (Chaka Khan)

2017-05-05 17.51.03 (2)2017-05-05 17.52.03 (2)

Well aren’t they Pretty! I present the two newest additions to my small but ever growing Vinyl collection. Two singles from KT Tunstall’s second record Drastic Fantastic (2007) with their accompanying flip sides.

The vinyls are 7″ singles with two beautiful popping covers. One that is full of colourful floral patterns the other contrasts with it mainly being black and white other than the yellow outline to the writing, this is mirrored on the label also. But on the If Only record the label on the side not visible in the picture reflects the back of the sleeve…

2017-05-05 19.34.35 (2)

First up is If Only/The Prayer [Live for Radio 1] now I do love If Only but I did predominantly buy this for the cover of the Block Party track as I am sort of obsessed with it, I have never just played it once ever. It’s always multiple listens it is just so damn awesome with the cool  low ‘hmmmmm’s’ simple drum/percussion to bring it in with the sound becoming fuller for the chorus. With the outro really bursting to life with tremolo electric guitar and a speedy bassline.  In the original attitude is there in abundance which does transcribe to this version too. I just admire it!      

Saving My Face has  a special place in my life as it is my yearly shaving song where I play it at full blast and rather sillily change ‘Saving’ to ‘Shaving’ my face’ , I know it is dumb but it brings me endless joy (along with it being a good tune as well obviously). Ain’t Nobody is a classic so an artist of Tunstall’s calibre does it justice with her rhythmic take.

Song of the Day

Song of the Day: KT Tunstall- The Healer [Live at Manchseter’s Albert Hall, 27/8/2016]

                                                  The Healer Live for Napster

Last night (27/8/2016) I had the delight of seeing KT Tunstall live for a second time and it was one of the best nights of the year and up there with my favourite gig experiences ever.

I was grinning from start to end as her and the band rocked for a stonking two hour set that took from all her studio albums. But the song of the Golden State EP The Healer (was already one of my most listened to songs of this year) blew more than just my socks off. Before the start of the song the guitar tech came on holding her gorgeous White 1975 Gretsch Falcon whilst Tunstall held her acoustic. Offering two options to the crowd (I am paraphrasing):

‘Do you want a super happy song? Or a super aggressive happy song?’

Then the crowd screamed for which they would like, happily the choice I voted for won. She took hold of the Falcon and got aggressively happy.

What was to follow was one of the best performances I have ever seen and heard. It was certainly a rocking take on this already rocky number. I stood in awe in this beautiful venue being hit with a sonic wave of brilliance. I will never forget the feeling of being consumed by that monstrous wave.