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Everyting Everything – Breadwinner (Single, 2018)

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                                         Hottest Record in the World on Annie Mack (Radio 1 26/2/2018)

‘You’ve gotta be kidding me’! This is an insanely hook riddled track with all parts working their way into your skull at an exhilarating pace. Being the first taste from the teased upcoming E.P. A Deeper Sea, which is most unexpected as the band are still touring the latest album A Fever Dream released back on August 18th 2017 (tour starts on Wednesday 28/2/2018).

It is a crazy assault of fast paced instrumentation from the chaos toned tremolo picked guitar, flickering, swirling keyboards and synths, all elements of the track go up to and beyond level 10. As ever the lyrics are odd, ‘One flat Earth, They were right’ but clever, sharp and sticky especially the chorus with the ‘Power, power, power, power, power into the ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me’ refrain. The bridge claims that the Devil has been seen and here it gets all warped and in my opinion where some of the places on A Fever Dream should have gone. But this song could have been recorded around that time as the theme and feel do fit with the fourth album.

Anyway this is a blast to hear. Now where is that repeat function?


Singles/Songs, Song of the Day

Song of the Day: The Maccabees – Kamakura


The Macabees have been disbanded earlier this year playing their final gigs in July admittedly I was never an avid follower however the music did cross my ears via my twin brother playing them from his room.

So knowing that they had a good number of decent songs it was a nice reminder when they popped up on my Spotify suggestion playlist. This song from the final album Marks to Prove It (2015).

In short I have had this song on constantly there is just a wintry quality that is fitting with the changing seasons. The lyrics are sombre throughout but in particular of not ‘saying a word because it breaks her heart’ add to the melancholic feel to the track. Furthermore the stripped back verses are gripping and then loosen up into a more expansive chorus with a thin string like sound backing creating a shift that is very effective in moving you.

I guess it is one of those instances where you find a song that fits not only your mood but the weather and environment around you increasing your level of enjoyment.

Singles/Songs, Song of the Day

Song of the Day: 3 Minutes to Midnight – High Windows

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                                                        High Windows (Listen and Buy from their Bandcamp page here)!

If someone asked you to describe what makes a song/piece of music special what would you say?

For me it is that unmatchable joy or emotional connection that can only be experienced/made through music. High Windows is such a track. I was honoured to be in the presence of the band when they performed it live reminding me why I love music.

At its core it is a classic rock track built on Jonathan Parks’ vocals and crazy guitar wizardry that mixes funk with more traditional rock and blues, getting your foot taping, head nodding but has a dancy quality also. For the first 54 seconds that is all you hear Parks’ class 1970’s-esc guitar tone and his singing.

Sam Leigh’s bass and David Stutt on drums join the fray giving a hint of the epicness that is about to come. The musicians slowly construct the layers, quickening the pace leading you into the HUGE chorus. By the second time it comes around you will be singing along belting it out in your room, it’ll make your soon to be released shower singles for sure.

3 Minutes to Midnight have put out a single that is tremendous, in addition to the gradual expansiveness of High Windows raising it to a high, high place indeed.

Go listen, like, follow and all that… FacebookJonathan Parks Music Facebook, 23 : 57’s SoundCloud, Jonathan Parks Music Twitter.


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Song of the Day: Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser – All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun

                                                    All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun

Two angelic voices and an acoustic guitar or two are a gateway to a beautiful place. This time it is Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) who are a perfect musical match.

There isn’t much instrumentally to the song as stated above it is a couple of guitars but what they are doing is still quality. The main draw though is the singing and extension the lyrical content. It begins with a sweet giggle over the guitar and Fraser taking the first verse showing her talents before Buckley takes over for the chorus. Solo they are both gorgeous but when they sync up and harmonize then it really, really highlights that these musicians were meant to create this stunning song.

It is a brilliant duet which lets both artists stretch their musical muscles showing each others strengths. I only wish there was more from the two.


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Song of the Day: KT Tunstall- The Healer [Live at Manchseter’s Albert Hall, 27/8/2016]

                                                  The Healer Live for Napster

Last night (27/8/2016) I had the delight of seeing KT Tunstall live for a second time and it was one of the best nights of the year and up there with my favourite gig experiences ever.

I was grinning from start to end as her and the band rocked for a stonking two hour set that took from all her studio albums. But the song of the Golden State EP The Healer (was already one of my most listened to songs of this year) blew more than just my socks off. Before the start of the song the guitar tech came on holding her gorgeous White 1975 Gretsch Falcon whilst Tunstall held her acoustic. Offering two options to the crowd (I am paraphrasing):

‘Do you want a super happy song? Or a super aggressive happy song?’

Then the crowd screamed for which they would like, happily the choice I voted for won. She took hold of the Falcon and got aggressively happy.

What was to follow was one of the best performances I have ever seen and heard. It was certainly a rocking take on this already rocky number. I stood in awe in this beautiful venue being hit with a sonic wave of brilliance. I will never forget the feeling of being consumed by that monstrous wave.